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2006 Ford Truck 16-to-26 mpg video - live and in action!

Propane Injection Conversion Movie

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I just went to San Diego (650 miles round trip). I have the diesel propane injection system installed with it set to come in at about 2 - 3 lbs of boost. I was towing a 12,000 lb fiver. Going there I went up and down MANY grades and got 3 mpg improvement. On the way home I went the FLAT route and picked up 4 mpg.

The power is unbelievable!

Talking to another who has it installed with his set to come in at 10 lbs boost, he stated even better mpg gains than I.
2000 Ford PSD

Propane Injection System


 Jim Maddon

I started to tweak my propane system towing my 30' TT. Got it running good! Lowered the EGT's about 100 Degrees @ 4 PSI Boost. Mileage increase about 2MPG. Less kick downs at freeway overpasses.

Jim Madden
Union City, MI

1993 Ford IDI

Propane Injection System



Just got back from driving around "testing" the system. It is un freaking believable!I see why they say you get hooked on it. I was able to run my hoses up the corner through the stake holes. I didn't have to drill any holes in the bed. I made a temporary wooden cradle for the BBQ tank. I'll get my real tank first week in Oct. My install was really easy. Everything went smooth. Real close on line length. Almost didn't have enough. I do have the Crew Cab and I mounted the tank centered in the bed (up against the back wall) cause my real tank will have it's fitting there. They only supplied two hose clamps so I made an educated guess where to use them. The connection at the turbo needs three and two for the tank. I figured the turbo fittings would probably hold without a clamp but guess what? After my first test drive, I opened the hood and checked everything. Low and behold one of the turbo boost lines was just about blown off. I now have clamps for everything. I was able to mount the switches with the supplied panel in the dash. There's a little cubby hole where the airbag switch would be if it weren't a Crew Cab. Same place mdrag mounted his SPA gauge. I broke off the top part of the mounting bracket, removed the dash trim, pulled out the cubby hole thing and cut a hole in the back for the wires. I put the plate in position and just snapped the dash on. Worked out slick. Looks factory. So I will have everything in but the big honkin tank by Rendezvous time. One more thing. The Allison handles the power with precision. Under hard acceleration, it does a shift almost like it's a manual. Lets off power, shifts, then reapplies with vengeance. Feel like I'm on an amusement ride! Excellent product, Excellent service!

Propane Injection System


 Jimmy Waters

Keith, sorry about taking so long to get back. I told you I would report how the propane injection system did on my 96 Ford,F350, 410 rear end and a standard shift. I have a Super Chip, undated exhaust, K and N filter. I pull a 38 ft. fith wheel which weighs 17,000 lbs plus.

I could not believe the increase in power I got. You set up my unit for pulling and I have not changed anything. What I pulled in 4th gear I now pull in 5th. I check my mileage on 1600 miles on a trip to Arkansas from Texas and I got about 12.5 MPG where I would get 10 before . I am very well pleased and have told all my friends about it. Can't wait to go the the North West next summer and try some of those hills.

A good article in the current Trailer Life about ATS system which I do not believe is as refined as yours. They should have told about all the systems on the market. You got short changed..

Oh yes I used about 17 gals of propane on the test. I do not leave the system on all the time.

Good luck

A satisified customer
Jimmy Waters

Propane Injection System



 Gary - KJ60

You have what is undoubtedly the best available PROGRESSIVE propane injection system on the market today! It's easily installed, only in operation when YOU want it to be, is FULLY adjustable as to power level and boost threshold for injection. I see you already have a number of other performance mods, so you aren't a stranger to power upgrades - so what's the deal?

I have the PS2000 setup on my older Dodge, and LOVE it - and I also have a buddy with a '99 Ford who is looking for one after seeing mine in action - so if you really ARE wanting to sell it, get back to me and I'll see he gets the info - sure a SHAME to see so fine a system WASTED on a FORD tho'...

Propane Injection System




2.8L Isuzu - Australia
Thanks for your prompt service, I received my system last week and fitted it in the very same weekend and it was very easy to install. Just letting you know how it goes on my 2.8 Isuzu," It is bloody fantastic!" The extra power comes in at 5 lb boost you and you can feel it! I will let you know in a few weeks about fuel savings etc...

I can’t stop telling people about it. With the exchange rate from USA to Australia, it cost me $1250 Aus dollars, but I can tell you I would have paid lots more without the unit installed. So like I said, once I have had it on a few weeks I will know what it is like on fuel. I drove to work today with it on then home with it off and thought I had a different 4x4. I will have to be careful as it is very easy to go over the speed limit which is 100 kph, an 60 kph in built up areas and I am so pleased with it. I can't wait to hook the boat up this coming weekend to see how much better it tows.

Till next time, thanks again.  

Peter Davie.
P.S. - current fuel stats, are 700 klms to 70 liters of diesel traveling to and from work which is about 55 klms per day. Cost about $52 Aus.

Propane Injection System




1985 Land Rover 130 - United Kingdom
Just a short message to say, many thanks for quick delivery, and what a great product, works right out of the box. It fits as you say in two hours!

I would recommend this product to anybody. It's just simple and very effective.

Thanks again,
I D Luffman

Propane Injection System




1991 4.2L 1991 Nissan Safari - New Zeland
I ordered a system off you guys in January this year - just thought I’d let you know I’m very impressed. Excellent instructions, easy to fit, easy to tune and massive gains with tuning. My 4.2 liter 6-cylinder diesel now pumps 322bhp and torque above 1100ft-lbs at the rear wheels. It runs like a v8 and hasn't shown any signs of getting hot.

I've been raving about the kit on and giving people your URL - hope you get some business out of it.

I’d be interested in becoming the New Zealand distributor for the product and running it through the certification process down here - are you interested in this at all - let me know.

Thanks again,
Colin Brewer

Propane Injection System




2.4 TDI-LandCruiser - Canada
I got the kit, performed a clean install and tested it. It dropped 3 seconds off the 0-100km/hr times and dropped 9 sec off the 0-140km/hr times. Very impressive. Still have black smoke coming from the exhaust under full throttle but it helped with all other black soke. The engine runs quieter and smoother. It dropped the egts negligently.

On an added note, I just got back from a trip from Calgary, Alberta to Pismo Beach, CA - a 5800 km trip. There were mountain passes, flat prairies and speeds unheard of in a Cruiser! At times I was cruising at 90 mph! Most cruisers are lucky to squeeze 65 mph out of them. The fuel economy came up about 3 mpg even with the larger tires when I drove 60 mph.


Propane Injection System




I have the propane system on my VW Jetta TDI and it works great! This is a vapor system. I installed it last November and have put over 15,000 miles on the Jetta since it was installed. No problems to date. If you are conservative with your feed rate, you should have no problem with detonation or "backfiring".

Based on some top gear acceleration runs (45 mph to 65 mph), I have gotten about a 40 percent increase in torque with the propane compared to stock (between about 1600 rpm and 2300 rpm). The kit comes with different sized orifices and the boost pressure at which the propane is actuated can be adjusted. I've run as much as 3500 miles on one tank (mine is 2.5 gallons) of propane. I also seem to be getting about a 10 percent increase in fuel mileage (diesel).

Propane Injection System




Well me and the wife and two dogs just finished our trip to the Easter Jeep Safari and had a blast. The Motor home ran like a champ and we Got between 14-15 Mpg at an AVG. of 70-75 MPH once we were out of Calif.( Stupid 55 MPH law for trucks and cars pulling trailers)The Motor home was a loaded down and pulling close to 7000lbs of jeep and trailer.

The new Torque Converter worked great. Drove from Moab Ut. to Las Vegas 526 miles and filled up and only used 37 gal. of fuel 14.2 Mpg and that was pulling several grades and towing the jeep.

The juice was on the whole trip started out with it set to come on at 9PSI on the trip out and reset it for 7PSI on the way back it used a little more juice on the way home approx. 2 gal more but i only had to fill it once when we left from home and refilled when we got to Moab Ut. and on the way home I did top off the tank in Las Vegas just because the service station had Lp fuel and we had used some for the stove and heater while in Ut. The fuel mileage surprised me too! A 24 ' motor home pulling 7000lbs and still got 14mpg (YES)!

Propane Injection System


 Russ Smith

We had your propane infusion system installed on our motor home recently and will bring you up to date on the results.

Our installer Huffenberger Restorations modified the settings from your stock settings for this application. After testing it was determined that the maximum turbo boost pressure was only 9 LB. so the point propane starts to flow was reduced to about 3 LB. The maximum propane flow at full throttle was also reduced a little.

Our motor home is very under powered so the power increase was dramatic, and it was a noticeable improvement. We are now able to maintain speed, and even accelerate on modest grades. Those are driving conditions under which we would have slowly lost speed in the past. The real improvement was on those long steep 6 to 7% mountain grades. Where we would have topped out at 25-35 MPH in second gear we not top out at 40-45 MPH in third gear. The hill or wind conditions that would have dropped our speed to 45-50 in third gear we now handle at 55-60 MPH in overdrive. In many respects it drives like a different motor home, which has really added to our sense of safety and pleasure.

We have been using a very modest quantity of propane, on the order of one gallon of propane per 72 miles. This includes domestic use of propane for the refrigerator and cooking. I would guess the actual propane use may be less than one gallon per 80 miles if domestic use is not considered. The fuel mileage has increased 1 to 2.5 MPG and has been under heavy load conditions with little improvement when under light load. Is this what should be expected?

My question is, should or could the propane use be bumped up? If so, should it come in at a lower boost pressure or should maximum propane flow be increased? Or, should I just leave the settings as is.

All in all we are very pleased with the results and have recommended your system to a number of other Isuzu Trek owners!

Propane Injection System



I have installed propane injection system on this coach.  Process didn't take a long time and only major work was drilling and tapping hole in side of intercooler inlet (that was white metal so was very easy to do, and you supplied enough fittings to make that happen.  Had just about the right amount of hose and really didn't need the extra wire you sent.  Dash already had a covered rectangular hole near ignition switch so installed switch panel there and installed gas control just behind LP tank in basement (used clamps on all hoses).

Took a 200 mile test drive thru the Maine hills I-95 and secondary roads.  Yikes!  What a difference.  Now when I step on 'throttle' pedal I go faster NOW not in a few minutes - really feels like a sports car instead of a bus.  Don't know yet what real mileage gains are but if one can trust the SilverLeaf display average MPG has gone from 8.5 to 10+ - will know more after I fill tank a few times.  Please use me for email reference anytime - only have cellphone so that gets expensive.

Thanks again for simple but elegant gizmo and your accomodation of my non-pickup truck requirements.

Propane Injection System



 Gary Baker

Hi Keith,

I have some more good news about the units on semi trucks. My brother was coming from Phoenix headed to Flagstaff and it must be a long steep grade. A truck past him at the bottom and Mike (my brother) was talking to him on the radio. He told Mike he had a 550 hp cat engine and that it really pulled good. Well to make a long story short Mike passed him on the first good spot and left him in his dust. Mike has the 430 hp Detroit engine. When Mike stopped to fuel up in Flagstaff and said the guy caught up to him in after he had been at the truck stop for a half hour. Well needless to say Mike was real impressed!!.The other guy couldn't believe it was propane injection.

Propane Injection System


 Jon Jensen

The system has been installed on our baby I just within the last
week had a chance to use it pulling the trailer. The power difference is phenomenal. Pulling a fairly steep grade here locally from a dead stop (why do they always put a stop light at the bottom of a steep hill) the pickup performance was greatly appreciated.

Keep in mind that our truck weighs 13,500 and the trailer is an additional 15,000. While pulling the trailer my average mpg was between 8.25 and 8.75 mpg before the installation. Using the system I noted an average mpg of 10.0. Still the mpg is not the exciting issue, when you purchase a rig this size you are aware that you did not purchase it for its economy. You buy a truck this size for the power to go and the oomph to stop. While it has always had the stopping power, there were the times that I felt it could use a little more power when facing a steep grade or a strong head wind.

It is this seat of the pants power that I am very pleased and astounded with. My EGTs (pre-turbo) stay about the same, maybe a little lower. Boost builds much quicker. I look forward to using the system over a long trip soon, and will report the results as soon as I do.

I mounted the tank in a box on the rear of the bed, it makes for a nice clean install. I do need a larger tank, but since I use the system on an as needed basis I can upgrade later.

If you would like a few photos of the system installed let me know and I will be happy to take a few shots and forward them. Many thanks for the great product and the exceptional customer service extended after the sale.

Should you have any potential customers that have any questions I would be happy to serve as a reference.

 Jon Jensen

Propane Injection System




Add Westfield to top


Well, I’m happy to report the results of the trip to Los Angeles and back. I’m even happier to say that it only took 5.3 gals of propane added to the diesel to take me there and back again. (729 miles RT) The best part was the truck, while pulling my 8K trailer, NEVER came out of OD while on the freeway. Can you imagine that, not coming out of OD on those annoying little hills? I’m downright excited about that... Usually when I'm on that road, I-15, it is out of OD about 3/4 of the way up those hills and stays out until the down hill side. I am really happy about having that Diesel Performance Products setup on this truck.

There are three significant hills and several loooong slow up-hills, where the propane was really helping. (Like Victorville to Cajon summit and Riverside to Cajon) When you stop to consider this, it had to be a considerable help in reducing both the miles per gallon and wear and tear on the vehicle. My cruising speed was 65, staying with the big boys to avoid the tickets, (55 limit in Ca while towing) and the RPM was about 1900.

Now the sad news, of all the times to loose a fuel receipt, I had to do it this time. (I used to be blond, now it’s Alzheimer’s.) What I do remember is that I have never gone this far on a tank of fuel before while towing and it only took a touch over 30 gallons for the 550-sumthin miles. That’s about 18 MPG pulling the trailer!! I can’t get over the fact that it had enough power to keep it in OD and still maintain 65 uphill. Anyone who has been from Las Vegas to Los Angeles over the I-15 knows that these are some kind of grueling hills, not the Rocky mountains, but it varies from 2000 feet to 4300 feet in about 12 miles (6 & 7% grades) and it's a good workout for a lot of towing vehicles. Semis are all about 45MPH, if that, and we zoomed right by them with the PSD just purring along (including knock and cackle) Usually I do pass them but this time it was not at 2700 rpm and making lots of heat. The pyro was solid at 650 on all the hills, including up the Cajon pass. (I measure the pipe pre turbo.) One other thing, the engine fan never came on either, like it has in the past.

Again, sorry that I can’t give you a real accurate mileage figure, but my seat of the pants SWAG is at least 2-MPG improvement. BTW, the wife thinks it’s great because it no longer makes all that engine noise on those hills.

Propane Injection System



I'm getting an average of 18.5 mpg on the highway @ 75mph w/o propane.
With propane on and traveling the same highway speed I'm seeing 21.7mpg.

Keep in mind that the van weighs 9000lbs & is run 6 days a week.
Also,the above figures are with a really heavy foot.

Hopefully, I'll see more mileage next year as I'm going to go to a full 4" exhaust and possibly a new flip chip (tow,race,extreme).

Propane Injection System


 Brian Cobb

I installed the propane injection system yesterday and it does everything that they advertise. I can't say anything about the other propane systems out there, but the system comes on real smooth and delivers the propane in a very drive able way. The power comes on so smooth that you don't realize it, until you shut the system off. Then you think to yourself s**t this thing rocks!

The propane is regulated by the amount of boost you apply to it, the more boost the more propane. There is an adjustable boost valve that is installed in the cab, ,so you can vary the amount of power that you want. A real neat feature.

I had to be convinced that this was a good system and after many phone calls, I believe that it is.

I'm still fine tuning the system, to fit my needs a little better. But over all this system is worth every dollar.

My EGT’s appear to have remained the same.

Propane Injection System



Just burned through my first whole tank load of fuel that was supplemented with propane...

I did a bunch of 50 mile highway bursts during this tank...

Got 650 miles on one tank of diesel...

Used 28.5 gals of diesel $1.30...

Got 22.67 mpg...

Could have gone over 700 miles on a tank of fuel...

These PSD's are the best...

Propane Injection System



"When do you flip the switch?" ----- Right after I start it

I use mine for daily driving. Flow set low I get about 1000 miles per 20lb tank. It is just nice for merging with traffic and all around drivability.

As far as the MPG gain, I took a trip to CO with the 28' 5er last summer. 4800 miles. Got average of 11.9 MPG with LP. Tank lasted about 500-600 miles. A gain of 1.5 to 2 mpg verses w/out LP. Enough fuel savings to pay for the LP. My take is the system is break even on MPG gains are enough to pay for the LP. You just need to pay for the system .

Hope that helps, Dave

Propane Injection System


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